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The “Democratic Man” and Security of Organisations

Already ancient philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, claimed that the “right reason” and virtue facilitates performing public and managerial roles. These thinkers identified methods of educating people managing an organisation (e.g. ruling a state) and selecting them regarding their competencies and skills. Nowadays these methods have been implemented in theories and practice of education and management, however, under different names. The ancient concept of right reason and virtue can be denoted by, for example, “methodological rationality,” “rational attitude,” “rational assertiveness” or (in some contexts) "social responsibility." During the conference, we are going to discuss the nature of these competencies and skills and their impact on the security of organisations. Lectures or poster presentations can report the state of theoretical and empirical researchers, present paradoxes and limits, solved or unsolved theoretical and application problems in theory and practice of “right reason” and virtue in respect to their impact on the security of organisations.