Video conferencing scheduling and equipment instructions

Passive participants (listeners) - without a presentation

A link to the video conference will be posted here a week before the conference.

Active participants (speakers) - with a presentation:

For active participants (seakers) we launched a room with the Adobe Connect system. You shoud  get  the link to the chatroom in the email automatic response to your application form. In order to log in to the Room, please do it as a Guest, stating clearly identifiable name (no password required).

One week before the conference, we should test the connection. In order to appoint for the test, please contact us. You are kindly requested to send your presentation in pdf format to our email account before the test.

In order to get the connection, you need a computer with the Adobe Flash installed as well as the access to the Internet. Please, use a headset with microphone (due to the problems with overlapping sound while using external speakers and a microphone).

A key part of ensuring the remote participation experience works well is ensuring that services are monitored – from both a technical and operational perspective. A remote participation manager and technical staff will be connected to the chat room for meetings with chat facilities so that remote participants can identify problems they experience (for example, that audio volume is too low for certain speakers on audio streams).

Emergency connection

In is advisible to additionally connect (during the conference) to Skype conference account: idealizeddesign


Quick Start for all of the videoconferencing participants:

Basic information for the Speakers:

More instructions:

Adobe works well with PDF presentations. You can convert anything to PDF and upload it to the system.

Passive participants

You can ask for a YouTube link by sending a request by email.