1.       EXAM – written, open questions. EXAM DATES are during the examination session. I announce them on the website: “Exams.” There is no “zero-term” exam. The earlier written exam is not “zero-term” exam – it is the first term. If someone wanted to write the test earlier, should obtain written approval of the Authorities and schedule it with me.


2.       RANGE OF THE EXAM Topics provided during the lectures mainly in the “control questions” published on this web-service.


3.       CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION TO THE EXAM The prerequisite for admission to examination is your participation in the 80% of the classes (acceptable 20% of your absence). Absence can be justified by the sick medical leave or by your additional activity (papers etc.) You do not have to attend the classes if you satisfy the conditions set out in point 7. During the exam session, I do not accept papers, and I do not justify absences. People repeating the subject should satisfy the same conditions as other students.


4.       WHO DOES NOT HAVE TO PASS THE EXAM? People who win the contest and presented their work during the scientific conference (to be announced) or during the class.


5.       WHAT RAISES THE EXAM GRADE? Participation in the contest, tasks, the scientific and organizational activity may increase the exam grade up to 1 mark.





People who win the contest pass the exam (unless they meet other prerequisites, such as class presence and activity). I discuss its topics during the first class. The proposal mainly concerns people coping well with writing. Only outstanding works win. The competition is not obligatory. If you want to participate in it – CAREFULLY read Rules for writing papers. If you do not wish to join in it – ignore it and focus on the exam and tasks.



Tasks increase each positive exam grade (in proportion to the quality of the work done) up to 1 degree.


·       Tasks undergo the evaluation. For each of them, you can receive a maximum of 1 point (on a scale of 0 to 1).

·       All tasks can improve the exam grade up to 1 mark (in proportion to the number of gained points). Attention: the exam grade is on a scale of 0 to 5, so 1 point does not guarantee “three.”

·       People who receive a minimum of 3 points for the task will be able to choose whether to take part in the exam or not (and have “three”). These two possibilities exclude each other. You should declare your decision the exam. Participation in the exam means the resignation from “guaranteed three” (then tasks increase the exam grade up to 1 mark, so do not guarantee “three,” because the grade is on a scale of 0 to 5).

·       Tasks can also justify the absence (the rule is: 1 point – 3 hours).

Attention: All applicants for assessment should be on the attendance list created in the classroom, even if their presence is not obligatory. Please report to the "assistant" who creates a file at the beginning of class.

·       The lecturer assigns tasks.

·       Do not propose jobs after completing the course, e.g., during the examination session.

·       Report your task to the “assistant."

·       If you write the paper, follow the rules of writing and sending documents.

·       The number of tasks is limited, so it is advisable to register when they get announced.

·       For the tasks, I especially encourage people who repeat the subject (according to the rule of minimising the risk).



a)      The role of "assistant."

b)      Summarizing the selected discussion – 5 pages per person. Work must return in digital form after 1 week.

c)       Notes from the selected topic of the lecture – 5 pages per person - illustrations, examples, additional words to lecture, discussion summaries. The work must be returned after 1 week to the lecturer and the person editing the website in a form in accordance with the rules of writing papers. Only carefully, solidly made notes are taken into account. Print must be handwritten sign. The file should be named in the form: subject_topic_surname.

d)      Illustration of the problem - graphical presentation in PowerPoint or graphics program. You should stick to what it was at the lecture. Usually, I draw on the lecture or discuss the scheme and the task is to reconstruct it. It can be supplemented but what was on the lecture is the starting point. Attention – it must be possible to further editing the work (graphically and textually)! Term – the work must be returned after 1 week to the lecturer and the person editing the website. The scheme should be printed and shown on the next class, the work should also be on carrier (e.g. pendrive) in order to show it to the group during class.

e)      Editing a website with notes from a lecture and illustrations - required to collect notes and illustrations. How to do it? See point Rules of creating websites on website Rules of writing papers. Attention – notes should be signed. The file should be named in the form: topic_surname.

f)        Editing a website with competition works and co-lecturers. How to do it? See point Rules of creating websites on website Rules of writing papers.

g)       Monitoring these websites devoted to lecture in order to find errors and inform about it (1 person). The work should be presented at the end of the semester in the form of printed pages (print from the last month of classes) with marked amendments.

h)      Paratheatrical tasks (will be discussed in class) - illustration of the problems

·       Mainly grounds of merit will be evaluated - reliable preparation, analysis of the situation, inspiring role.

·       You have to discuss the tasks with the lecturer in the initial class.

·       There will be possibility of presenting the best tasks during the student conference (not obligatory). Participation in the conference will give you extra points.



All applicants for assessment should be on the attendance list created in class, even if their presence is not obligatory. Please report to the "assistant" who creates the list at the beginning of class.

7.1.   I rewrite grades granted by me “in the first attempt” (if you pass exam in resit examination session, I rewrite the average ratings of both “approaches” to exam). It is about grades of the course of the same rank, name and the same or greater number of hours. E.g. grades of practical classes, grades of classes with fewer hours and grades of related subject are not taken into account. Rewriting the grade should be reported to me by the middle of the semester (via email). If there was no grade after the exam, you need to check what happened and then it is better come to the first consultation after the exam, in order to clarify the matter as soon as possible. Please respond to the lack of assessment by the end of the session, because after the session the system closes (automatically).

7.2.   If anyone has ever gained credit with another lecturer, he has two options between which you need to select and notify me of this choice before the middle of the semester in which classes (which wants to be exempt from) are held (Attention: it is about the same lecture; grades of practical classes, grades of classes with fewer hours and grades of related subject are not taken into account):

a)    You can gain credit (the minimal positive grade of the scale) provided that you will regularly participate in the lecture (you can leave up to 20% of classes). Attention: if you take the exam, it means you do not choose this option (exam grade is always a full-scale, there is no “guaranteed three”).

b)   You can also not attend classes and only pass the exam or win the contest on the same rules as other.

c)    In these cases, you must show the document confirming you gained credit. Please do this in a lecture or on consultation, so I can note it not later than the middle of the semester. If someone does not do it by this time, he is subject to the general rules of assessment (points 1-6).

The document referred to here, it is not a photocopy of the document, print from usos or index. Such document may be for example diploma with a list or a list of completed courses certified by the adequate institution.

7.3.   I encourage you to participate in the contest and undertake the tasks.